Ride Information

General Info

The Capital-To-Capital ride will start in Ottawa on May 7th and end in Arlington, VA (which is just outside of Washington D.C.) on May 20th. For the first 6 days of the ride the riders will be riding under the Capital-To-Capital banner. For the last 7 days of the ride the Capital-To-Capital ride will be joining with the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride and accompanying them along their route. Riders will continue to wear their Capital-to-Capital jerseys.

Ride Kick-Off

On May 6th there will be a full day of events to kick-off the ride. More information will be available soon!

Ride Dates: May 7 – May 20

May 7 – Ottawa to Vaudreuil-Dorion
For 1 day riders there will be a bus to take riders back to Ottawa and a truck to take bikes back to Ottawa.
May 8 – Vaudreuil-Dorion, through Montreal to Saint Jean-Sur-Richelieu
May 9 – Saint Jean-Sur-Richelieu to Burlington, VT (border crossing)
May 10 – Burlington, VT to White River Junction, VT
May 11 – White River Junction, VT to Concord, NH
May 12 – Concord, NH to Boston, MA
For Canadian riders who do not want to continue past Boston, a Penske truck will be returning to Ottawa on the 13th and is available to return your bike and luggage.
May 13 – Rest Day
May 14 – Boston, MA to Stubridge, MA (with NEMSMBR)
May 15 – Stubridge, MA to New Haven, CT
May 16 – New Haven, CT  to Princeton, NJ
May 17 – Princeton, NJ to Wilmington, DE
May 18 – Wilmington, DE to Dewey Beach, DE
May 19 – Dewey Beach, DE to Annapolis, MD
May 20 – Annapolis, MD to Arlington, VA

Ride Registration

You can register for the ride here. Ride registration only covers the Ottawa to Boston part of the trip. In order to register for the Boston to DC leg you must register for the East coast leg of the NEMSMBR.

Ride Costs

The cost to register for the Ottawa to Boston segment of the ride is as follows. Ride registration includes 1 jersey. All prices are in USD.
1 day – $75
2 days- $110
3 days – $140
4-6 days – $230

Ride escort/supporter registration for Ottawa to Boston is a flat fee of $60 (USD). This covers a t shirt and outerwear garment.

Lodging and meal costs are not included in the registration fee. We have worked with several hotels along the route to block out rooms for the riders, and all the hotels from Ottawa to Boston include breakfast and allow bikes to be kept in the room. Our very rough estimate is that costs will be about $2800+ (USD) per person doing the entire route from Ottawa to Washington DC. For people only doing the Ottawa to Boston segment costs will be about half that. Fundraising can easily be set up via websites such as GoFundMe, JustGiving, or Indiegogo.  We also suggest seeking out sponsorship from local first responder agencies or first responder friendly businesses. If you do set up a fundraising website, please let us know and we will promote it on Facebook to help you out.

We encourage people to be ambitious with their fundraising since all proceeds from the ride will be donated to the Tema Conter Memorial Trust in Canada and to The Code Green Campaign in the USA.